EP Review: As Paradise Falls – Madness/Medicine (Eclipse Records)

Australian deathcore metallers As Paradise Falls will release their new EP, Madness/Medicine worldwide on September 23rd, 2022, via Eclipse Records.

Deathcore vehemence, deathcore passion and deathcore assertiveness, As Paradise Falls want to leave you feeling bruised all over with this new EP. Something that achieve almost immediately with the stompy metal groove of BATS. The fire under this band is well and truly lit and things are heating up.

Quickly becoming a raging inferno with the buzzsaw riffs, overpowering drums, and guttural vocals of Captain Hero. A track to make you feel like you can take on the world, or at least the pit. Before KFBR392 brings sharpened blades of metal to cut through swathes of writhing bodies. The power of As Paradise Falls’ deathcore sound continuing to be nothing but vicious.

Speaking of…

With an animalistic roar and the sound of hell being unleashed instrumentally, Mechanical Hannibals takes the heaviness to an even deeper and darker level. The ferocity of As Paradise Falls only matched by their speed.

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Wrapping up with TR4K 1, As Paradise Falls go all out to make sure that any residual feeling you have left in you is beaten away with intent. At a little over two-minutes long, it ends up being one of the most anthemic tracks on the album. One to rouse a flagging crowd, that’s for sure.

As Paradise Falls – Madness/Medicine Full Track Listing:

2. Captain Hero
3. KFBR392
4. Mechanical Hannibals
5. TR4K 1


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As Paradise Falls - Madness/Medicine (Eclipse Records)
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