Album Review: Space of Variations – Imago (Napalm Records)

Unstoppable Ukrainian metalcore unit Space of Variations ascend to the next level of mind-bending modern metal on their brand-new, full-length album Imago, out September 23rd, 2022, via Napalm Records.

Operating in a different sphere of reality to most, Space of Variations bring blistering modern metalcore heat with this new album. Erupting out of the starting blocks with the razor-sharp sound of SOMEONE ELSE. A fiery and fierce start that will energise just about everyone who hears it. Before vein.mp3 and its blend of electronica, raging metalcore and melody creates mental carnage.

In love with the album yet? Check out the metal party oddity that is NON-HUMAN CLUB 2.0 and you will be. The frenzied effects, the feral heaviness and the variation in vocals is spectacular.

Then along comes DNA molecule in a million of dimensions and we get something akin to a metal space rave. Followed by the straight-forward and anthemic Slaughterhouse (ã¬æ­»), the contagious grandness of OUTER SPACE, and the frantic, chorus-driven 1M followers. The latter track also featuring the lovely vocals of Denis Stoff (Make Me Famous/Ex-Asking Alexandria).

The consistency in their metalcore sound makes Imago a mesmerising listen. Even when it isn’t about going hard and heavy, or layered with enigmatic effects, it’s utterly endearing. As OCEAN OF MADNESS and its emotive prettiness proves.

Yet, when Space of Variations are on a hot streak, they are untouchable and FACE TO FACE is a thrill ride of melody and metal. The title track blends passionate explosivity and anthemic catchiness. Brahmastra is chaotically pleasing, the energy of the album reaching its absolute apex here and Space of Variations sounding their most dangerous. Yet, again, the chorus just absolutely slays. Before serial killer comes along to not create bloody mayhem but rather create atmosphere and deliver a heartfelt mesh of hip-hop, hard rock and effects.

Unexpected but just as interesting as everything else on the album. Talking of which…

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Ukrainian rapper/singer Alyona Alyona features on the penultimate track, ULTRABEAT. Combining her talents with Space of Variations’ to create a passionate and energetic rap/rock hybrid. Before the album closes out with a short bit of melody and atmosphere in the form of ellipsis…

A perfect closer as exhaustion will have set in and it works like a cooldown. A chance to take a breath and reflect on the whole experience before hitting play again. Which most will.

Space of Variations – Imago Full Track Listing:

2. vein.mp3
4. DNA molecule in a million of dimensions
5. Slaughterhouse (ã¬æ­»)
7. 1M followers (feat. Denis Stoff)
11. Brahmastra
12. serial killer
13. ULTRABEAT (feat. Alyona Alyona)
14. ellipsis…


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Space of Variations - Imago (Napalm Records)
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