EP Review: Amherst Drive – For Freedom and Democracy (Self Released)

For Freedom and Democracy is the debut EP from LA punkers, Amherst Drive. The EP explores various social, personal, and political themes and was released on January 27th 2018.

Amherst Drive 2

Four tracks long, the opener uses speeches about American greatness. Ones revolving around events that can hardly be called great ensures the political tone of the record can’t go unnoticed. When it kicks into gear Amherst Drive really show off just how punk they are with a seriously unrefined edge.

The rawness of Rise! is one thing but Mental Case is another. While the vocals are less wild, the whole track has a ‘garage’ feel about it. Energetic and wild at heart.

It’s quite a surprise then that Disorder delivers a really stark, melodic & reflective tune. Completely different to everything heard so far, it’s an impressive shift but one that doesn’t quite keep with the overall tone.

The EP closes out with a return to the rough punk style. Run Away is the most difficult track to get along with as the vocals struggle to match up to the pace of the instruments. It’s a bit jarring as they head off in different directions just as you’re expecting them to join you!

It’s not a finale to get too excited about but as raw as For Freedom and Democracy is it’s incredibly memorable thanks to Disorder & the passionate delivery of the political punk rock.



Amherst Drive 1

Amherst Drive – For Freedom and Democracy Full Track Listing:

1. Rise!
2. Mental Case
3. Disorder
4. Run Away

You can pick up the EP now over on Bandcamp and find out more via Facebook and Twitter.


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Amherst Drive - For Freedom and Democracy (Self Released)
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