Album Review: Ripped to Shreds – Mai-zang (Craneo Negro Records/Necrolatry Records)

California one-man old-school death metal band Ripped to Shreds, featuring extreme multitasker Andrew Lee (ex- Disincarnation), will release their debut album Mai-zang on Malaysia’s Necrolatry Records (cassette) and Mexico’s Craneo Negro Records (CD). The album will be released on the 27th March 2018.

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Ripped to Shreds aren’t delivering much in the way of surprises with Mai-Zang. It’s 8 tracks of hard-hitting, mean-sounding death metal. That being said, it does stand out for a number of reasons, the first being the exceptional guitar shredding that devastates all that get in the way. Craven Blood, Open Grave and Bone Ritual are meaty slabs of death metal played at varying tempos but offering memorable ripping guitar riffs and hooks.

The vocals are your typical harsh snarls and guttural roars but fit perfectly with the furious speed of what’s often on show here.

There is effort made in Mai-Zang to not completely stick to the death metal formula as the excellent Yellow River Incident, 1938 shows. A lower and groovier tone is offset by flashes of thrash-based heaviness resulting in the most memorable track of the album.

The bass only snippet that opens God Worshipping Society leads to a stellar head-banging slab of metal before Black Seeds opens up the pit for an intensely hot finish. One that has some of the most exciting rhythm of the album.

It’s nasty, it’s a solid as a brick to the face and it’s a damn good effort.

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Ripped to Shreds – Mai-Zang Full Track Listing:

1. Craven Blood
2. Open Grave
3. Talisman to Seal the Hopping Corpse Before I…
4. Bone Ritual
5. Yellow River Incident, 1938
6. Red Annihilation
7. God Worshipping Society
8. Black Seeds

Keep up to date with the release by liking Ripped to Shreds Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram. Listen to the first track from the album, Craven Blood over on Soundcloud.

Ripped to Shreds - Mai-zang (Craneo Negro Records/Necrolatry Records)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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