Game Review: The Man from Hmmbridge (Mobile)

The Man from Hmmbridge is a retro styled point and click adventure with cartoonish 2D graphics from Peeking Peacock. A game that harks back to the glory days of point and click games like Broken Sword.

Hmmbridge 2

The story surrounds Hum, a woman tasked with uncovering the mystery behind the disappearance of Principal Hmmingway from Hmmbridge University! A mystery that will see her mix with spies, arms dealers and end up on an ancient island!

For those who’ve been playing point and click games over the decades most of The Man from Hmmbridge will be very familiar. Puzzles to solve, items to pick up and use, documents to read…it ticks all the right boxes.

Hmmbridge 1

It’s simple to play thanks to an eye option that, when touched, highlights all the things you can interact with on a screen. Using items is as simple as touching & dragging them to what you want to use them on. Puzzles range from simple to tricky. While few will rarely stump you, near the end of the game there are a couple that need a little patience and thought.

Should you get stuck, you can activate hints and as a last resort read the solution in the menu. It’s best to try and avoid that though as the game is pretty short. If you were to use the guide all the way through you’d have it finished in less than an hour.

Hmmbridge 4

Without it, The Man from Hmmbridge is a fun, brain-teasing problem-solving adventure. Worth the extremely low price of 99p/99c.

The Man from Hmmbridge
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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