EP Premiere: Left Hand Path – Left Hand Path (Loud Rage Music)

Cluj-Napoca, Romania based Progressive Extreme Metallers Left Hand Path are set to release their debut material, a 6 tracks self-titled EP, on the 17th of June via Loud Rage Music.

Ahead of the release you stream it below!

Pre-orders are now available on Jewel Case CD here and digitally here.

Left Hand Path are:

Szenasi Attila (bass) – you’ve most likely heard him play with Negura Bunget, where he spent about a decade and with the brutal death metal band Malpraxis

José Morales (drums) – Behind the drum set, straight from South America, Jose, who joined the band after playing in Marchosias and Dark Aevum

Ádám András (guitars) – After a lot of gigging playing guitar with The Hourglass and Toy Machines, he is now ready to bring you our fresh flavor of modern metal

Wagner Tamás (guitars) – Tamás played guitar for Malpraxis and bass for Spiritual Ravishment, and is a big fan of heavy rhythms and groovy riffs

Cristian Aionese (vocals) – The former vocalist of Skullp and co-founder of Malpraxis, he is going to shout, scream, growl, and squeal everybody’s face off! Beware of the butcher

The path you make for yourself, the road less traveled. The one you lead on and not blindly follow. The way you travel to find who you are, and what secrets the world holds for you. Freedom of thought and of spirit.
The Left Hand Path.

Left Hand 2


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