Crypto & Gambling: A Fair Comparison

The steep rise of BTC during the 2010s was met with a huge wave of criticism calling it a Ponzi scheme or imaginable money. Some of the critics even compare it to real gambling to this day which is questionable at best. It would be a good idea to compare these 2 activities.

Let us get out of the way the fact that there are places where crypto and gambling combines, for example, a btc gambling game. It comes in a form of dice, card or table games most of the time but some takes on slot machines can be found too. It is a great way to do gambling anonymously and outside your home region. Many casinos are starting to accept deposits and withdrawals in BTC and ETH which opens many top-class games for crypto investors.

All about the chance

The aforementioned comparison between investing in cryptocurrencies and spinning the reels may be centered around the chances of «winning» the money back. When it comes to trading, the luck component should be thrown in the window. True success comes to people who are riding the news wave. Reading articles about global politics and economics is the best way to see the moment to buy or sold tokens.

Gambling games have the chances programmed into them during software development. On average this number is somewhere between 95-97% of money spent should be won back. An obvious manipulation from casinos here is the fact that the number of matches to achieve such a result is often closed. Any gambler should expect to lose cash in a long run but short-term «investments» in slot software may give a sizable financial boost.

Security of funds

The common misconception is that both of these methods of earning money are prone to hackers or scams. Starting with usdc dice software in many modern internet casinos, all the operations with cash are a subject of quarter audits. It was made by 3rd party companies like eCORGA and not the casino itself. These procedures help to ensure that the clients’ money will not be mixed with the internal funding. The information about the legitimacy of any internet gambling company out there can be found on many review and listing websites.

Hundreds of scam crypto and NFT projects running today are another red flag for people to claim BTC investments as a waste of money. The rule of thumb here is to use legit exchanges to buy one currency with another. Centralized exchanges offer additional proof procedures in order to make transactions safe and fast.

Gambling entertainment to try

Back to the topic touched on at the beginning of the article, it is necessary to pick legit software if you want to get the best from both discussed subjects. One of the better ways to avoid machines with unfair percentage to win is to stick to these development companies:

  •   NetEnt;
  •   Novomatic;
  •   Red Tiger;
  •   1x2Gaming;
  •   Aristocrat.

Taking the time to make research is a key to success in both crypto and gambling. Build the bank slowly and steadily in the beginning in order to make huge moves later.


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