Game Review: Santa In Search Of Toys (Xbox One)

According to the creator of Santa in Search of Toys it:

is a good 3D platformer with a side view.

Well, they got some of that right. It is a 3D platformer with a side view. Where they’ve got it wrong is with the decision to use the word ‘good’ to describe their game. It is not a good game at all. The controls are very poor, the jumping mechanics are beyond frustrating and the camera fails to orientate itself properly many times making progression an absolute headache.

One where having ten levels feels like 8 too many, such is the total lack of fun to be found here.

You play as a blocky looking Santa tasked with collecting all the toys in a level before reaching the chimney of the house at the end to finish. To do this though you’ll have to jump across platforms and dodge spikes, swinging blades and more. One hit and you’re down, time to start again. Although that’s pretty much an instant thing. You’ll not want to though, especially in later levels where the difficulty gets absurd and the bad controls and camera cause more deaths than anything.

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There’s nothing more to the game either. Finish the ten levels and that’s it. Even with a ton of deaths, competent players will have it wrapped up in less than 30 minutes. It might be cheap, but it is hardly worth what it is asking.

If there is one thing to praise though… just one… it’s that the blocky and snowy visuals are nice enough to look at. It’s minor praise but for those looking for Christmas games to play on consoles, it at least delivers on that. It is a Christmas game, and by simply being one of the few available, it is likely to be picked up and played.

Although this Christmas a ton of gamers are going to be feeling that familiar sting of regret if they do.


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Santa In Search Of Toys
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