Bloodstock 2018 – Band Feature/Interview: Godthrymm

This year’s Bloodstock Festival is shaping up to be one of the best ever with a line-up that spans all genres of rock and metal. If you haven’t picked up your tickets yet, what are you waiting for!? Check out our five reasons why you should go there.

Godthrymm is a reconnection of veterans of the UK extreme metal scene, creating crushing, apocalyptic doom metal, with the influence of the epic and the melancholy found in their combined past musical outputs.

With Hamish Glencross (Vallenfyre, ex-My Dying Bride) on lead vocals and guitar, rejoined with old partners Chaz Netherwood (Bastardised, ex-Karrion) on guitar, and Shaun Taylor Steels (My Dying Bride, ex-Anathema) on drums. Completed by the addition of Rich Mumford (Monstrance, Malediction) on bass.

Their debut EP was released earlier this year. Called ‘A Grand Reclamation’ it delivered on their promise of epic doom and you can read our review here.

Find out even more about Godthrymm over on their website, Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram. You can pick up their music via all major services including Spotify, Deezer and Amazon below. Their merchandise can also be picked up over on Big Cartel.

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1. It’s Godthrymm’s debut at Bloodstock but as individuals not your first time playing. How does it feel to be back but with a new band?

Hamish: It’s incredibly exciting! Each time I’ve played at Bloodstock, it’s been in a different scenario; first was in My Dying Bride when it was still an indoor festival (the last, in fact), and then I’ve played Main Stage at BOA with Vallenfyre. So now, it’s different again to be playing there with Godthrymm on the Sophie Stage. It’s an honour, and one I don’t take lightly. I’ve had an an amazing time each time I’ve been st Bloodstock, and yes; I’ve been there on the other side of the barriers too!

2. Do you still get excited about getting on stage or do you have a more chilled approach to it now?

It’s a new band, and one that I am incredibly impassioned about, and as such, I’m really quite nervous! Even though we in the band have been playing live in different capacities for over twenty years now, it’s still an incredibly important thing for us, and we don’t take it lightly.

3. What can Bloodstock attendees who may not know of you expect from your set?

Expect huge heavy emotive sounds coming from a proper power trio!

4. A Grand Reclamation has been out a few months now. How have you found the overall reception?

We have loved the positive reception we have been getting, but it was very much a formative record, and we have developed massively as a band. We have a new focused sense of purpose and a wonderfully proficient new band lineup.

5. What’s next for Godthrymm? Is there new music on the horizon?

There most certainly is. We are in the studio now recording new music with Mark Mynett producing. We plan to get a suitable deal to release the debut full length. We’ve got shows booked in increasingly further afield places; we just played our first international show in Germany for instance. Please keep up to speed with us on our website!


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