Album Reviews: Demise – De La Manipulacion a La Ignorancia (Brutal Records)

Out on August 17th 2018, De La Manipulacion a La Ignorancia is the new album from Venezuelan death metal band, Demise.

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In an unusual decision, Demise’s new album, De La Manipulacion a La Ignorancia is 22 tracks long but only has 11 really. The other half are the same songs but instrumental versions. It’s certainly a different way to get every aspect of your music across as it does allow more elements to be heard that might have been hidden behind raging vocals.

You certainly get your money’s worth but the drawback of following each track with the same one just without vocals is a serious amount of blending. It starts to become hard to pick out differences and the longer it goes on, the more it begins to struggle.

Here’s the thing, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the Demise’s brand of death metal. It’s heavy, it’s harsh, it’s rowdy and it has enough rhythmic quality to offer a good old head-banging time.

Offering a little something for everyone really. If the standard deep and guttural vocals don’t hit the spot for you, then the bloodthirstiness of the drums, complexity of the riffs and the thrill of the hooks should be more then enough.

Unfortunately by the halfway point, it’s hard to stay too invested and there is something clearly wrong when you look at the remainder of the album with a sense of dread. There’s so much. Perhaps the better choice would have been to put the 11 acoustic tracks at the end instead of each one directly after the non-acoustic number.

Never the less, it’s an album filled with solid death metal that ticks all the right boxes for extreme music.

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Demise – De La Manipulacion a La Ignorancia Full Track Listing:

1. 350 Mentiras
2. 350 Mentiras (Instrumental)
3. Rostros De Gaza
4. Rostros De Gaza (Instrumental)
5. De La Manipulacion a La Ignorancia
6. De La Manipulacion a La Ignorancia (Instrumental)
7. La Ley De Los Pranes
8. La Ley De Los Pranes (Instrumental)
9. Huerfanos Del Petroleo
10. Huerfanos Del Petroleo (Instrumental)
11. Regimen De Maldad
12. Regimen De Maldad (Instrumental)
13. Como Se Siente El Miedo
14. Como Se Siente El Miedo (Instrumental)
15. Isis
16. Isis (Instrumental)
17. Demencia Constitucional
18. Demencia Constitucional (Instrumental)
19. Poder Por El Poder
20. Poder Por El Poder (Instrumental)
21. Exodo
22. Exodo (Instrumental)

You’ll be able to pick up the album via Brutal Records here and earlier Demise releases here. Find out more/keep up to date with news by liking their Facebook Page, following them on Twitter, Instagram and subscribing to their YouTube Channel.

Demise - De La Manipulacion a La Ignorancia (Brutal Records)
  • The Final Score - 6.5/10
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