Bloodstock 2017 Band Feature/Interview: Forever Still

Bloodstock is the premier metal festival in the UK, showcasing the cream of rock & metal across a wide spectrum of genres. The 2017 edition takes place from the 10th to the 13th of August. Head over to the festival’s website to find out much more & pick up day tickets, weekend camping tickets have now completely sold out!

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The line-up this year is one of the best the festival has ever managed to put together. With a huge range of established & up-and-coming bands spread across the four days. The main stage (Ronnie James Dio Stage) is absolutely stacked with quality bands from the start to the very end. It’s no easy task to open any stage but Forever Still will meet that challenge with ease.

Hailing from Denmark with powerful female vocals & haunting melodies, Forever Still are a force to be reckoned with all based on a DIY ethic.

We’re very proud to bring you an interview with Forever Still.

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1. Tell us a bit about yourselves. How’d you get started as a band?

Forever Still formed when Mikkel and I met at a concert and shortly after began talking about making music together. Mikkel initially sent over some instrumental ideas and melodies immediately started forming in my head. We met up and started working on some songs and had great chemistry from the get go. We had the same idea about music and came from a similar place and everything just developed naturally from there. Together we released our first EP “Breaking Free” in 2013 and Forever Still was born.

2. How are you feeling about playing Bloodstock this year?

We’re beyond excited! Bloodstock is a festival we’ve been familiar with for years and hoping to play one day, so to be able to open the main stage as well as share it with so many great bands is an honour.

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3. What can people expect from your set?

People that have only heard us on record often get surprised by our high energy live shows. We love playing live and we’re happiest, when there’s plenty of space to move around, since a dynamic performance with lots of movement is a big part of our show. We want to create a show that leaves the stage and bounces straight into the crowd and give people an experience they can take home with them. Also, we’re gonna play a brand new track from our upcoming album that we’re currently writing for.

4. What bands (if any) are you hoping to check out while you’re there?

We’ll only be there Friday, but we’ll be sure to make the best of it! We’re definitely seeing Soilwork and Amon Amarth and we’d like to check out Devilment as well. Besides that we plan on bouncing back and forth between the different stages and hopefully discover something awesome that’s new to us!

5. What’s the future plans for the band?

Currently we’re writing for our next album that we plan on putting out early next year, so there’s plenty to do with that. We’ll be following the release with a couple of European tours next year in support of the album and hopefully lots of festivals next summer as well!

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We’d like to thank Forever Still for taking the time to give this fantastic interview. Make sure you check them out at Bloodstock & on their future tours which you can keep up to date with on Bands In Town & Songkick.
You can listen & pick up their music now via Spotify, Apple Music, Google PlayAmazon, HMVBandcamp.
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