Horror Movie Review: Bed of the Dead (2016)

A group of young adults have rented a room at a seedy looking motel for a group sex session, something that only the two blokes seem into. The room they have has a huge antique bed that really is a sight to behold but once on they’re on it they find they can’t leave without dying in gruesome fashion.

Bed Dead 2

Ignore the silly title, Bed of the Dead tells its story with a straight face to mixed results. The film is more psychological with its horror. All about guilt, crimes committed & the punishment that must be meted out by the bed. It is the judge, jury & executioner. There is no hiding from its wrath.

The foursome will have their friendships & loyalties tested to breaking point all while a police detective tries everything he can to save them.

Bed Dead 3

Bed of the Dead is a decent horror (better then Death Bed: The Bed That Eats) that draws you in with its psychological story & seemingly impossible survival situation. It’s tense, interesting & very dark at times.

The gory moments are few but when they come they are very stylistic & memorable. The effects are top-notch stuff here including a fantastic slow-motion blood drenching scene.

Bed Dead 4

Where the biggest problem lies with the movie is with the four characters stuck on the bed. From the start their sex plan is just awkward as they are two couples doing this for one of the fella’s birthday. What? Happy birthday, honey…your gift is to fuck my friend in front of me & her boyfriend while I get fucked by your friend. What? Isn’t that a porn movie plot?

Bed Dead 5

That the men are so up for it & the women not makes it even more awkward & questionable. They’re just so unlikable. So, it means you’ll find it hard to care about what happens to them. The only one with a decent backstory is the police detective with that being explored & resolved well. He’s a character you actually want to see more of.

The movie doesn’t overstay it’s welcome thankfully, ending in a timely manner leaving you wondering what a sequel might bring to the table.

Bed Dead 6


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Bed of the Dead
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