Album Review: Ghostly Times – When All That’s Left Is Grey (Self Released)

Ghostly Times is a rock quartet based out of Brooklyn, NY. Their debut full-length album, When All That’s Left Is Grey is out on August 11th 2017.

Ghostly Times 1

With the first opening melodic tones of Ghostly Times, post-rock fans will instantly feel at home. Soft, sorrowful vocals with a nice hard-rocking vibe all with a bit of the Deftones about it.

Ghostly Times know their melody, songs like Sleepless State & Murder of Crows having a really powerful impact vocally all backed up by some stellar guitar riffing & catchy as hell hooks. The latter of two is the best song on the album thanks to the simply stunning guitar solo near the end. The talent on show is gob-smacking.

The band are more than happy to increase the pace too such as on the punchy & foot-tapping beat of Book of Love & Rainstorm. The latter of the two’s throbbing bass beat really getting the blood pumping.

So much of this 8 track album is built around uplifting & soaring vocals built around an exciting post-rock sound. Take Trace Your Steps for example, an absolutely incredible song that will lift you out of any dark mood your currently in leaving the biggest smile across your face. It makes you want to turn to the next person & just give them the biggest hug.

The final two songs continue the great work with the fist pumping Sit Back, Relapse and Go bringing back the slight Deftones vibe before Grey gets the emotions going with its sorrowful melody. A simply sublime ending to an album that words can barely describe just how fantastic it is. The definition of beautiful music.


Ghostly Times 2

Ghostly Times – When All That’s Left Is Grey Full Track Listing:

1. Ghostly Times
2. Sleepless State
3. Book Of Love
4. Murder Of Crows
5. Rainstorm
6. Trace Your Steps
7. Sit Back, Relapse, And Go
8. Grey

You can order the album now via Bandcamp. You can find out more about Ghostly Times via their website, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Ghostly Times - When All That’s Left Is Grey (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 9.5/10
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