Best Type of Bet to Place on Keno Machines

They often sit on casino gaming floors in small banks, and do appear to have a small, dedicated number of fans, and I am of course talking about Keno machines.

That game has been around for years and compared to most other games found in a casino, Keno is very basic in its design which makes it an ideal game for people who are not seeking out an overly complicated gaming experience.

When playing Keno you are basically trying to predict as many numbers that are about to be fired out of the Keno machine as possible, and the more you predict correctly the more you stand to win.

The basics of the game are these, firstly the Keno machine contains a total of 80 balls, all of which are numbered from and including one to eighty.

Twenty of them are going to be fired out of the ball machine, completely at random, and players have to pick out the numbers they hope are fired out of that machine by highlighting their chosen numbers on their Keno card by tapping on or when playing online, clicking on the numbers they hope will appear.

Players do however have the option of selecting just a small amount of numbers to have in place on their card or a lot of numbers, and as mentioned the more numbers they correctly predict the bigger their winning payouts will become.

The standard type of Keno machine will allow players to select from one to fifteen different numbers to have on their card, there are plenty of other variants offering different number spots as they are known, but one to fifteen is the most commonly available ones.

However, each group of numbers you can have in place on your Keno card do have a different long term expected payout percentage, and as such players need to know just how many numbers to select to have on their card so they have the best paybacks.

You will discover many casino sites tend to use the Microgaming designed range of online casino games, especially those that are UK casinos and sports betting websites and as such I will enlighten you on which will be the best bet to place on that designer’s standard Keno game.

Thanks to the payout percentage attached to the 13-number bet being 94.90%, which is higher than any other number grouping you can have in play on your Keno card, then you should always opt to play that betting option.

Some players, however, make the commonly made mistake of picking just one number to have in place on their Keno card, and that is going to be an extremely costly playing error.

I say that as the payout percentage that is attached to that type of bet is very, very low, working out at just 75%, and as such you are extremely quickly going to find your bankroll being eaten away without many winning payouts if you decide to pick out just one single number to have on your Keno card.

I often get asked just which numbers a Keno player should pick out and is there a greater chance of some numbers being fired out of the Keno machine than other numbers.

Well, the simple answer to that question is that it doesn’t matter which numbers you choose to have in place on your Keno card, as they are all randomly selected by a random number generator and as such every individual number has an equal chance of being selected.

As Keno is a complete game of chance and previous numbers drawn out in other game rounds have no effect whatsoever on numbers that will be fired out of the ball machine in the next round and rounds, then it is up to you as to which numbers you select.

You will also discover that you have plenty of choice when it comes to choosing a stake level at which to play any type of Keno games, for they are often multi-denomination games, which are therefore going to be suitable for both high and low-stake players.

However, one final thing to be aware of is that even though the payout percentage listed above is relatively high on that 13 number bet, that being some 94.90%, you are going to find a plethora of other types and categories of casino games are going to offer you much higher paybacks than Keno games could ever offer, so always look out for higher-paying games is my advice to you.


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