EP Review: King Legba & The Loas – Shine a Light (Czar Of Crickets Productions)

On September 23rd, 2022, Czar of Crickets Productions will release ‘Shine a Light’, the new EP from voodoo rock ‘n’ rollers King Legba & The Loas.

Always guaranteed to entertain with their stoner, blues-infused and fuzzed out rock sound, King Legba & The Loas return with a banger EP. One that sees an unexpected, but not unwelcome, psychedelic edge makes an appearance. Subtle, but extremely notable and giving Shine a Light and King Legba & The Loas’ overall appearance, a fresher feel.

Kicking off with a bit of groove, Out of the Ashes starts the EP off strongly. A track that gets really weird and psychedelic in its latter portion. Followed then by the chilled, cooling and melodic beat of Smithereens. At least, that’s how the first few minutes go, as unpredictably, King Legba & The Loas up the tempo for a moment, before slipping back into the mellower state of mind. Back and forth they go, leading to a hefty and energetic guitar driven final portion.

Top that!

Hellhound’s rocking groove sure comes mighty close, especially when it hits some wacky territories. The wild instrumentation is electric to the mind. Before The Green Manalishi delivers some amazing fuzzy guitars and thick sounding bass. A really cool song, it’s King Legba & The Loas at their grooviest.

Which does mean The Storm Will Scream Your Name has to go big as it’s time to go home for this EP. Thankfully, we are listening to a band more than capable of surprising and exciting. The final track delivering a powerful blues-tinged and psych-dusted rock sound.

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The development and changes to the King Legba & The Loas sound helps make Shine A Light necessary listening.

King Legba & The Loas – Shine a Light Full Track Listing:

1. Out of the Ashes
2. Smithereens
3. Hellhound
4. The Green Manalishi
5. The Storm Will Scream Your Name


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King Legba & The Loas – Shine a Light (Czar Of Crickets Productions)
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