Band Interview: Vulvodynia

Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging are pleased to bring you an interview with South African Slam Death Bulldozer Vulvodynia! Their latest album, Mob Justice was unleashed upon the world June 30th 2019. You can read our review here.



1. Hi guys. Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us. What a year it’s been so far for you. Have you been enjoying it?

Yes, it has been an incredible ride. We are getting the opportunity to travel the world and share our music with the fans. It’s a very heart-warming experience. The response has been fantastic and it is very inspiring.

2. Has the massive positive response to Mob Justice surprised you? It’s a great record!

Thank you very much! It’s always nerve-wrecking when you release new material. It was a little different from previous releases as we’ve grown as musicians and artists. The feedback has been amazing, and we are so humbled that people enjoy the music.

Vulvodynia 1

3. What has been some of your highlights of your live shows this year so far?

Every show is great. There is always something special. Some of the best are always the big stages shows like Party San, Brutal Assault, Obscene Extreme, and Ramfest. So much space to move around and the sound is very loud. It makes the riffs move through your whole body. Doing collabs with Don from Waking the Cadaver, Martin from Gutalax and Lukas from Stillbirth also always stand out.

4. You’re off to Australia next, right? What can fans expect?

Never been to Australia, so we don’t even know what to expect. We’ve thrown out pool noodles into the crowd where everyone used them as weapons in the pit. There have been crazy fights. People in strange costumes (or completely naked). You can never expect what is about to happen, and it always gets wilder.

5. The ‘glass ceiling’ of being localised in South Africa is being shattered it seems and you’re one of the driving forces of that. How important is it for you to go ‘worldwide’?

Death Metal in South Africa is very small. It’s a numbers game. We are better received worldwide so it only makes sense to tour after the demand and numbers. There are almost no clubs that cater for Death Metal bands, and it makes it hard to constantly gig or tour. I think every band in SA must take the leap, it’s scary, but worth it. We have unbelievable talent and musicians in South Africa. Everyone just likes to play it safe.

6. What comes next?

We’re doing our Australian and New Zealand tour in November. The Tech Trek tour in December with Archspire, Beneath the Massacre, and Inferi. We have also released a brand new album Mob Justice which you can find on Lacerated Enemy Records and everywhere online. We are also planning on doing Asia, more videos and more tours in 2020!

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