Band Interview: The Necrosexual

Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life are very pleased to bring you an interview with heavy metal and horror themed musician, The Necrosexual!

Necrosexual 2

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did The Necrosexual get started?

My best friend got me Reign in Blood by Slayer for my 14th birthday. We listened to the album in my living room and I knew a door was opened – The Necrodimension. It called out to me and I was changed, forever. Inspired, I descended into the bottomless pit of guitar riffs. I spent years crafting the perfect evil sound from the darkest depths of hell, also known as grim mother’s basement. I told you it’s not a phase I’m going through, Mom!

2. How would you describe your sound?

Necrosexual is the most electrifying band in corpse entertainment. Our sound is dead sexy, corpse thrashing rock and roll. I contribute lead bass, rhythm guitar and vokills on GRIM 1, and write most of the riffs, lyrics and arrangements. We are rounded out by the shred master Anthony Vigo Gabriele on guitar and Mike The Machine Churry (Basilysk) on drums. The album also has drum contribution featuring Rob Pallotta from Tragedy, the all metal tribute to the Bee Gees and beyond.



3. What can we expect from your upcoming album, Grim 1?

GRIM1 is 32 minutes of Necromadness. It will give old school hellraisers all over the world a heavy metal hard on.

4. What kind of horror do you enjoy?

I’m a huge fan of John Carpenter and David Cronenberg. I think the eighties was one of the best decades for cinema as well as music. My personal unholy trinity of horror movies are Cronenberg’s The Fly, The Shining and Tetsuo Iron Man.

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5. Do you think streaming services and the rise of YouTube has helped or hindered you as a band?

Part of the game is figuring out how to be financially solvent. Or at least how to survive long enough to pay your bills and keep playing music. I made a name for my chaotic brand of heavy metal comedy on YouTube. I hope my video fans dig the album and tell their friends. Music has always been my first love, though. I love being an entertainer, but want to be more than just a youTube celebrity. Music takes contemplation, and practice, and a whole lot of time, money and recreational substances. But a great album is timeless.

6. If you could ask rock & metal fans one thing to help the band, what would it be?

Raise the horns of Death and buy a copy of Grim 1 on February 23 on Bandcamp. Then grab a shovel, a box of Franzia chardonnay, and hurry to your closest cemetery for a Necrosexual Encounter you will never forget.



7. Games, Brrraaains (horror) & Head-Banging…what do you enjoy the most?

Castlevania Symphony of The Night is probably my favourite horror game of all time, with a killer soundtrack as well. Scrabble is a very evil, old school game to play by the candle light. I’m also working on a role playing/drinking game with my pro wrestling buddy Tim Donst. It’s called Dungeons n Dickheads. It’s a work in progress.

8. Any plans for the UK in regards to touring?

Promoters and bands, let’s find a way to make it happen.

We’d like to thank The Necrosexual for taking the time to speak with us. You can stream singles on Bandcamp here as well as find out more on Facebook & Twitter. Also check out The Necrosexual on YouTube!

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