Album Review: [b.abuse] – Memories Of Better Days Are Gone (WOOAAARGH)

German post-crust experimental veterans [b.abuse] return with their fifth full-length release; ‘Memories Of Better Days Are Gone’. Due to be released via WOOAAARGH on 23rd February 2018.

Memories 2

Combining elements of post-rock with dirty riffs, hoarse vocals & a hefty bass sound, [b.abuse] are certainly unlike anything heard so far this year. The simplicity of opener ‘A Promise Empty’, the eerie effortless spoken words of Alte Haeuser Ohne Namen and the tension filled Reward Prediction Error displays a unique level of talent.

For every crescendo of noise, every build that explodes in hardcore chord attacks there is a melodic atmosphere as well. The roughness replaced by a more sultry & profound sound such as on the excellent Days Gone Bye.

The doomy efforts of Nothing Will Remain hit hard, so much so that the synth atmosphere created by We Were Like Ants is a blessed relief. The oddity that is Memories of Better Days Are Gone is exemplified with the 9-minute effort of Zerfall. A track that serves up a plate of low-tempo post-rock before delivering a hefty main of blast-beats & traditional riffing followed by a desert of screeching & twisted effects.

The exhausting efforts of [b.abuse] ends with a relaxing drum beat, soft guitar strumming & eerie background effect. Cementing the striking & affecting album as one to definitely check out.

Memories 1

[b.abuse] – Memories Of Better Days Are Gone Full Track Listing:

1. A Promise Empty
2. Alte Haeuser Ohne Namen
3. Reward Prediction Error
4. Days Gone By
5. Nothing Will Remain
6. We Were Like Ants
7. Zerfall
8. Den Teufel Der Zeit Vertreiben

You can order the album via WOOAAARGH here and here as well as via the band’s Bandcamp. You can find out more about them over on Facebook.

[b.abuse] - Memories Of Better Days Are Gone (WOOAAARGH)
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