EP Review: Unburnt – Arcane Evolution (Self Released)

Canadian blackened death metal project Unburnt recently announced the upcoming August 16th release of their four-song EP, Arcane Evolution. It is the follow up to the group’s 2016 debut single, “Harnessing Black Flame”.

Unlike many new bands struggling to find their sound early on, Unburnt consists of seasoned metal musicians spread throughout various parts of Canada desiring to create something new outside of what their individual projects play. Consisting of versatile vocalist Eric Burnt of Samskaras and ex-Derelict fame, guitarist Bo Louther and drummer Joe Mullen of the long-running Ontario-based melodic death outfit Odium, and rounded out by their newest member, bassist John-Ryan Godfrey of We Are Human.



A immediate bone-rattling set of drums and mind-melting riffs lets you know Unburnt have arrived. They’ve arrived to spew their venomous brand of blackened death into the ears of anyone who comes within spitting distance.

Sure, it burns and will probably leave you that little deader but it’s worth it.

We find that a lot of bands who call themselves blackened death metal tend to lean one way or the other. Getting the right balance of black and death isn’t easy but Unburnt have actually managed to nail it here. Sometimes it’s fiery savagery born in the hellfires of death. Other times it’s the icy chill that sucks the breath from your body. Mixed together to perfection, Unburnt have put in a staggering performance here. It’s utterly brilliant.

Each track hits with all the force of an 18-wheeler running at 100 miles an hour. There is no chance of getting out of the way, just open your arms wide and welcome the end, narrated by this impressive unit.

There is no ‘best’ track here. It’s 4 of the best that Unburnt have and each one sticks to the blackened death formula while also sounding completely different from each other.

Take our word for it, Arcane Evolution is a must listen.


Unburnt – Arcane Evolution Full Track Listing:

1. A Reason to Live
2. Superiority In Wisdom
3. Sorrow-Bearing Enemy
4. Arcane Evolution


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Unburnt - Arcane Evolution (Self Released)
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