Album Review: Zgard – Within The Swirl Of Black Vigor (Self Released)

Within the Swirl of Black Vigor is the sixth album from Ukrainian one-man band, Zgard. The album will be released on October 21st 2017 independently.

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A vortex of pagen influenced black metal with atmospheric elements, Within the Swirl of Black Vigor is a devastating album. Filled with a delightfully evil darkness, blood thickening metal riffs, screeching vocals & enlighteningly haunting melodies.

After the deliciously evil intro (Dive into The Night) the ferocity takes off in style. Forgotten is a raw & brutal listen, one that has all the hallmarks of old school black metal record but also plenty of a modern atmospheric edge.

It’s followed by the darker yet more playful, Confession of Voiceless. A track that has desperation & hunger in the vocals resulting in an eye-opening listen. There is clearly some influence from the post-metal crowd as Frozen Space brings some serious rhythm within the screaming riffs & drumming that betrays the more brutal & constant high tempo. A really impressive track with the briefest of breaks to allow you to take a big gulp of air before diving under the murky water again.

Those moments are very brief. Within the Swirl of Black Vigor, even when not trying to melt your brain with a fast pace, punches with serious weight. The slower moments of Where the Stone Drones will make you shift uncomfortably, KoloSlovo’s ancient & other-worldly gothic edge sticks in the mind like a bit of flesh caught between your teeth & Cold Bonfire rains absolute fire down on everything with pure hate & fury unleashed.

This fantastic black metal album finishes with the blast of icy cold wind that is Winter Lullaby. The swirling cold air making you grip yourself for warmth as all hope seems lost. 8 minutes of haunting melody & atmospheric sounds.

Within the Swirl of Black Vigor may not be bringing anything new to the black metal world but it’s offering a truly memorable experience. Lengthy treks through brutal & harsh metal landscapes, the moon high in the sky glinting off the snow & showing the dried blood of failed explorers.

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Zgard – Within the Swirl of Black Vigor Full Track Listing:

1. Dive Into The Night (Занурення в ніч)
2. (Забутий) Forgotten
3. Confession Of Voiceless (Сповідь німого)
4. Frozen Space (Замерзлий простір)
5. Where The Stones Drone (Там де камні гудуть)
6. KoloSlovo (КолоСлово)
7. (Холодна ватра) Cold bonfire
8. Winter Lullaby (Колискова зими)

Head over to Bandcamp to pick up Zgard’s music & check out some of it via Spotify, ReverbNation, YouTube & Apple Music below. Keep up to date with news by liking Zgard’s Facebook Page!

Zgard - Within The Swirl Of Black Vigor (Self Released)
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