Album Review: Woest – Le Gouffre (Heathen Tribes)

Coming from Marseille, France is the blackened industrial doom beast known as Woest. Out on January 1st 2019 via Heathen Tribes, Le Gouffre is their new album.

Woest 2

Totally not what I expected especially after the effects of the intro Éveil. Le Gouffre leans way more towards heaviness then you might think. Highlighted by the intensity of the title track, a black metal number albeit with a scattering of exciting effects to add some surprises.

It’s something a bit different in a genre that doesn’t see a lot of innovation although it might annoy purists. Still, there are plenty of those and not enough like Woest. Give something a little different a try, who knows you might like it!

Some of the more intriguing elements include contrasting vocal styles. One more traditional and the other clean and booming like it’s supposed to be spoken in ancient halls. Ô vide éternel shows this off wonderfully especially as this is one of the more ‘by the book’ tracks.

The most expansive track, Tout restera carbone is also arguably the best of the bunch. At over 9 minutes long, it has got a grandness not found elsewhere. We get a track that builds on what we’ve experienced so far but adds some atmospheric touches throughout. Easily the track we recommended you to hear!

Once again France brings us a band that the rest of the world should be more aware of.

Woest 1

Woest – Le Gouffre Full Track Listing:

1. Éveil
2. Le gouffre
3. Ô vide éternel
4. À la gloire de l’immonde
5. Spasme de haine
6. Tout restera carbone
7. Vagues du Styx



You can pick up the album now over on Bandcamp and find out more by liking their Facebook Page.

Woest - Le Gouffre (Heathen Tribes)
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