EP Review: Peste – Peste (This Is Core)

Peste is a union of musicians from the Italian underground scene. A new punk/hardcore project with members of Tutti I Colori Del Buio, Haram, If I Die Today and Papazeta. Violence, negativity and hate against mankind are the keywords to describe their work.

The self-titled EP will be available in 7″ and digital formats on January 11th 2019 via This Is Core.

Peste 2

Peste are pissed off and across these 5 tracks they aim to make sure you’re aware of that.

Mercy is the wrong name for the opener as the band have little to give. The hardcore speed and fiery nature is all you need to know as the band crack open skulls with an alarming level of ferocity. It’s short but very pointed, something that applies to the punky edge of Faith. A track that conjures up a filthy basement packed with windmilling kids and stinking of weed.

Each track lasts less then 3 minutes so you know Peste have bags of energy but that doesn’t stop them slowing things down painfully on Dead. The whine of feedback, a methodical beat followed by vocals bitter enough to curdle stomachs.

It all gets a little too much on Humanless as the flashes of feedback cut like glass through flesh. Not a track many will be sold on whereas Coffins does the opposite. High intensity results in the wildest track on the album. Even when it slows down to a crawl, the underlying threat remains. So much so that it’s a relief when it fades out.

Peste 1

Peste – Peste Full Track Listing:

1. Mercy
2. Faith
3. Dead
4. Humanless
5. Coffins

You can order the EP and merchandise over on Big Cartel and find out more via Facebook.

Peste - Peste (This Is Core)
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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