Album Review: Winter Nights – Winter Nights (Self Released)

New York’s Winter Nights have a new album slated for release on July 31st 2020, and the mainstays of the local scene are amped to be showing fans the result of years of hard work.

The self-titled album comes after the 2014 release “An Endless Apocalypse” and brings with it, more dreary lyrics and melodic metal music. When asked how they expect fans to respond to the new work, they responded:

Well, very well. We’ve once again offered something different than our previous work. We are looking to conjure the feeling of dread, and remembrance. We hope they can relate to it in one way or another.

The primary themes in the album relate to the feeling of being stuck on the idea of death. The lyrics are a sort of metaphor of losing someone and / or taking your own life for one purpose or another.

Combining the worlds of detailed, melodic guitar metal with the gruff, mean vocalisation of death and doom, Winter Nights has a lot to offer across the 6 tracks of An Endless Apocalypse. Detail that erupts from the head-banging fire of When December Burns and is dished out with aplomb with Starved for Energy. These are not happy sounding tracks.

Mind you, a little bit of metal misery never does any harm!

Especially when we get such thrashy riffs and death infused fury as we do on Withdrawals. Or the head-banging gut-punch that comes with Unmarked Grave, the groove of the guitars blended with the weighty percussion to great effect.

There’s no need to tire, the album is less than 30 minutes and just keeps pushing the bleak heaviness onwards to the end. A strong, crunchy effort in Day the Sun Died and a darkly, melodic finale of Encounters closes out a robust album.

Winter Nights – Winter Nights Full Track Listing:

1. When December Burns
2. Starved for Energy
3. Withdrawals
4. Unmarked Grave
5. Day the Sun Died
6. Encounters

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Winter Nights - Winter Nights (Self Released)
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