Album Review: Dystopia A.D. – Rise of the Merciless (Self Released)

Dystopia A.D are two-man band from New Jersey blending progressive and technical death metal with unexpected elements from many other genres. Their second album, Rise of the Merciless, sees project mastermind Chris Whitby and lead guitarist Aki Shishido join forces to produce astounding results.

Rise of the Merciless will be released on July 31st 2020.

I think it speaks volumes about the quality of an album that upon first listening, I went straight back and hit play again. Then again and again. Rise of the Merciless is that damn good.

Although you couldn’t be blamed for entering it with some trepidation. After all, we’ve got a fair amount of ‘progressive and technical’ death metal bands out there already. Many with just a few members. So why should anyone care about Dystopia A.D.?

The answer is really simple. Everyone should care because they are bloody brilliant.

Whereas Red Sand is a short blast of guitars and roaring vocals, it’s with Nomad that Dystopia A.D. really step up. Where the riffs are gutsy and thrilling, the vocals powerful and meaningful and the percussion a constant exclamation point.

With a ton more booming groove and a saxophone solo, Plaguebringers continues Dystopia A.D.’s classy efforts. Before the title track and following Sisyphean Existence slay with fascinating blends of intensity, power and melody. Music to make you feel.

All leading to the humongous finale of Grave Pact. Humongous because of how Dystopia A.D. make it feel so grand. A fitting end to a truly spectacular listen. One that really breathes fresh life into the tech/progressive genre.

Dystopia A.D. – Rise of the Merciless Full Track Listing:

1. Red Sand
2. Nomad
3. Plaguebringers
4. Rise of the Merciless
5. Sisyphean Existence
6. Grave Pact

Dystopia A.D. Links

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Dystopia A.D. - Rise of the Merciless (Self Released)
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