Album Review: Wasted – Electrified (Denomination Records)

Denmark’s old school heavy metallers Wasted releases their third album ‘Electrified‘ after a 30 year hiatus and following their reunion in 2013.

A new line-up became a reality in 2017 and Wasted decided to re-record and release their two early albums “Halloween… the Night Of”, from 1984, and “Final Convulsion”, released the year after. This re-recording saw new arrangements and a brand new track, which is also the title-track of the band’s new release, Electrified.

It will be released on the 18th October 2019 via Denomination Records.

Giving their 80’s releases a fresh coat of paint isn’t quite enough to stop Electrified sounding dated. Most of the tracks sound exactly like they belong in that era but to be fair, that does apply to a lot of heavy metal. It doesn’t make it bad and Wasted’s Electrified is not a bad album at all.

Sending those October vibes through the body, the opener ‘Halloween’ samples the famous theme tune of the classic slasher horror before heading off on it’s own route with the crashing of instruments. Slow and methodical, just like Michael Myers. Except for a wild guitar solo which will send chills throughout the body.

The one new track comes next. A little bit of acoustic melody followed by a thumping heavy metal beat. It’s not out of place even though you can hear the differences affected by time and age. A damn good heavy metal track, the groove reaching filthy stages near the end.

It’s back to the old school though as Chained is head-banging gold, Demons Re-Calling is hyper-active metal played by pros, Age of Power goes slow but doesn’t lack impact thanks to a punchy chorus and Forces of Evil is a dark little chunky number.

All good stuff and proof that Wasted’s return is far from ‘wasted’ especially as the latter half continues to deliver thumping heavy metal. Evil, Your Own Private Pain, Ought to Be Bad and Toys cap things off nicely.

Wasted – Electrified Full Track Listing:

1. Halloween
2. Electrified
3. Chained
4. Demons Re-Calling
5. Age Of Power
6. Forces Of Evil
7. Evil
8. Your Own Private Pain
9. Ought To Be Bad
10. Toys




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Wasted - Electrified (Denomination Records)
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