Album Review: Wallack – White Noise (Pogo Records)

Poitiers, France based desert rock/stoner rock band, Wallack released their second album, White Noise on January 26th 2018 via Pogo Records.

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Living up to the description of desert rock/stoner rock, Wallack deliver deep groovy noise with flashes of psychedelic sounds all in the manner of a band who don’t have a care in the world. The title track is the start of a trek filled with all manner of fascinating sights to distract & addictive substances to test out.

The tempo is kept high for the short, bouncy Anno Zero before 50 Common Years- delivers a grunge-tinged tune that really made me think of Nirvana for a moment! Not a slur (unless you really hate them) but a reflection of the differing elements that make White Noise a compelling listen.

Twelve tracks breeze by in a blur of hazy, smoke-filled riffs & fuzzy bass hooks. No matter if it’s pacey, energetic numbers (Heavy Sighs, Indians) or the momentarily slower & darker efforts (Denis Hopper is Dead, It Will Never Be).

Wallack prove that they’ve got their style of stoner rock perfected. White Noise is a momentous album. No two tracks sound the same but most gel together wonderfully.

The only real mis-step is the electronica heavy, The Crossroads. An oddity that doesn’t seem to fit with what came before & what comes after. The penultimate track, The Day the World Went Away is the highlight of a fantastic record. That sense of hugeness is so evident here & it’s akin to floating through space peacfully admiring everything from afar. The melody, the bass-heavy groove, the sultry vocals…brilliant, just brilliant.



Rather then attempt to top that, Wallack instead go for a more upbeat, rocky finish. A Giant Gutter in Outerspace having a catchy bit of bounce mixed around sweet sounding melody.

A unique listen that is a hell of an effort from a very talented band.

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Wallack – White Noise Full Track Listing:

1. White Noise
2. Anno Zero
3. 50 Common Years-
4. Heavy Sighs
5. Dennis Hopper is Dead
6. Interlude
7. Indians
8. It Will Never Be
9. The Crossroads
10. Ulysse
11. The Day the World Went Away
12. A Giant Gutter in Outerspace

You can stream & order the album now over on Pogo Records’ Bandcamp & on the band’s Bandcamp. Find out more/keep up to date with news by liking Wallack’s Facebook Page.

Wallack - White Noise (Pogo Records)
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