Album Review: Legion of Wolves – Bringers Of The Dark Sleep (Metal Scrap Records)

Bringers Of The Dark Sleep is the debut full-length album by the Irish/Polish death metal band, Legion of Wolves. Combining the finest elements of old school death metal fused with a modern crushingly heavy production. The album was released on November 17th 2017 via Metal Scrap Records.

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Don’t mess with Legion of Wolves, they’ll tear of your face. The title track, You Shall Know and Grond (Hammer of the Underworld) are feral songs, Guitars that crackle & lash out, vocals that spit acid & drumming loud enough to bust skulls.

Legion of Wolves have little time for playing around. They’re only interested in delivering their intense death metal message in the most brutalising way possible. Sharing as much in common with the likes of Lamb of God as they do with early Decapitated.

Brothers of Fury and Iron bring a wickedly high level of head-banging groove, Forged in Fire and Combat is heavy enough to rend the flesh from your bones, Sorrow Made Madness is a crusty sore of pus-filled fury and Obsidian is confirmation that Brings of the Dark Sleep is a damn fine death metal release.

Legion of Wolves aren’t bringing anything new to the table but they are climbing on it & pissing on the fish with their attention grabbing blend of old school death & modern groove.

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Legion of Wolves – Bringers Of The Dark Sleep Full Track Listing:

1. Bringers of the Dark Sleep
2. You Shall Know
3. Grond (Hammer of the Underworld)
4. Brothers of Fury and Iron
5. Plague of the Immortal
6. Forged in Fire and Combat
7. Summon the Elite
8. Sorrow Made Madness
9. Obsidian
10. Heavy Mass of Murder

Stream it via Bandcamp above, Apple Music below and pick it up via Metal Scrap Records here. You can also pick up earlier releases on the band’s Bandcamp here. Find out more/keep up to date with news via Facebook, Twitter and check out their videos on YouTube.


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Legion of Wolves - Bringers Of The Dark Sleep (Metal Scrap Records)
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