Album Review: Verikalpa – Taistelutahto (Inverse Records)

Verikalpa is a Troll/Beer-metal band from the Northern city of Oulu in Finland. They combine groovy riffs and rhythms with twisted folk melodies all with a very Finnish touch. Their debut album is called Taistelutahto and is out on February 16th 2018 via Inverse Records.

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Ten tracks surrounding tales of drinking, hangovers, trolls and of course blood-spattered eternal battles. Taistelutahto is a lot of fun & if you’re a fan of the likes of Turisas, Alestorm & Finntroll then you’re certainly going to enjoy this.

Filled with bouncy melodies that are deeply rooted in folk with harsh vocals that seem more suited to black/death metal, Taistelutahto is memorable for all the right reasons. The likes of Tyrmä, Neidonryöstäjä & Taistelutahto making you want to grab a tankard of mead & get down to the nearest LARP event!

There are no concerns about the album not delivering heaviness, the folk elements fitting perfectly alongside the harsh vocals, screaming riffs & thumping beats. This is a damn good album provided you enjoy the addition of folk-instruments.

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Verikalpa – Taistelutahto Full Track Listing:

1. Viimiseen asti
2. Tyrmä
3. Neidonryöstäjä
4. Kuoppajaiset
5. Pahan Laulu
6. Verijuhula
7. Taistelutahto
8. Viinapiru
9. Kuoleman Suo
10. Rautatammi

You can order the album here, via Spotify here and via Inverse Records here. Find out more via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also listen to the previously released single Tyrmä below via Apple Music and on YouTube.

Verikalpa - Taistelutahto (Inverse Records)
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