Album Review: Global Scum – Hell Is Home (NRT-Records)

Hell is Home is the first release from Austrian musician and singer Manuel Harlander under the name, Global Scum. Mixing groove metal with a bit of death & thrash, Hell Is Home was released in December & will get a physical release in February 2018 via NRT-Records.

Global Scum 2

Open up the pit, Global Scum are here to make things heavy. Betrayed is a ripping slice of groove that conjures up images of furious & sweaty head-bangers losing their mind. Life in Chains is all about the nastiness of the vocals alongside some rumbling riffs while Disappointed Life channels its inner Gojira with a tempo changes & inventiveness.

Global Scum’s brand of groove metal isn’t particularly original drawing from a number of sources but that doesn’t prevent the album from being a hell of a listen.

The likes of the short & aggressive Amok, the rhythmic title track, the thumpingly good Treacherous Assault & the political message of Fall of the Isis ensures that this is an album that will be getting plenty more plays.

If there are any sour points, it comes with the bland sounding Innerlich Faulend that doesn’t really get going & just ‘alright’ finale of I Can’t Change the Fate. It’s a disappointing finish as the rest of the album has been of such high quality so far.

Global Scum 1

Global Scum – Hell is Home Full Track Listing:

1. Betrayed
2. Life in Chains
3. Disappointed Life
4. When Water Turns to Blood
5. Amok
6. Global Scum
7. Treacherous Assault
8. Fall of the Isis
9. Innerlich Faulend
10. I Can’t Change the Fate

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Pick the album up via Amazon above, Spotify, Google Play and Apple Music below. Find out more about Global Scum via Facebook.

Global Scum - Hell Is Home (NRT-Records)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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