Album Review: Upcdownc – Score (Trepanation Recordings)

Kent-based progressive, sludge, instrumental noise outfit Upcdownc will release their brand new album, Score via Trepanation Recordings on the 28th August 2020.

It’s a mellow and subtle start with the ringing melody of Power of Three where, as it reaches its apex, the noise begins to build up and it goes straight into Arc. Although it drops away immediately for a mix of psychedelic sounds. This is Upcdownc getting prepped to unleash some proper instrumental heaviness.

When they do step it up a gear, the anticipation has almost gotten too much but the payoff is worth it. A mix of crunchy sludge heaviness, progressive layers, post-like melodies and filthy groove. It’s a track that is every bit as modern, complex and fascinating as you could hope it to be.

Never afraid to use effects to their advantage, the dominant twinkly and fresh sound is like taking a dip in as cold cave pool where the light bounces off the walls creating a trippy mural. At around the halfway mark, it fades away only for the same tone to return with a fair bit less relaxation about it. Suddenly, it’s too cold and suddenly the shadows are crawling in.

The mellow and sad A Bundle of Limbs is short enough to not overstay its welcome, mainly made up of piano keys and sharp squeals. Before Miar brings the gloom back in serious style. Fuzzy riffing, dirty feedback and glorious melodic segments, this is a crowd pleaser. Especially when it kicks the tempo up a notch.

A Conversation About Fire is the calm before the storm, a storm that comes blowing in from Cold Harbour. The finale, it is no surprise that it is an enormous finish for Upcdownc. A track that is over 10 minutes in length and begins with haunting melody before taking on a more grandiose life. It’s the most ‘post’ track and the build up towards a slamming punch of sludgy heaviness is sublime.

A uniquely fascinating and depth filled album.

Upcdownc – Score Full Track Listing:

1. Power of Three
2. Arc
3. Eternals
4. A Bundle of Limbs
5. Miar
6. A Conversation About Fire
7. Cold Harbour


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Upcdownc – Score (Trepanation Recordings)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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