Album Review: Unflesh – Savior (Self Released)

Boston-based blackened technical melodic death metal prodigies Unflesh recently announced that their debut record, Savior will be released on May 25th 2018.

Unflesh 2

Firing on all cylinders from the moment the title track erupts out of its melodic start, Unflesh are looking to shake up the melodic death metal scene with an album that provides high-tempo heaviness with a bit more technicality then we’ve come to expect.

These guys have a lot of imagination and it shows in all the right ways. The title track is a hair-raising start but things take an even heavier turn with the intense Bestowal of Decay and explosive Final Writhe. It’s the latter that once again shows how much of a step forward Unflesh are with a brief injection of melodic metal that will put smiles on faces.

There really isn’t a bad song here as even the more ‘run of the mill’ tracks provide groovy metal goodness. No track bores but when Unflesh get it right they are arguably up there with the best of melodic death metal. Look no further then the stunning Caliginous, the best track on the album thanks to the intense guitar riffs.

The eight tracks that make up Savior have that perfect mix of aggressiveness, death metal fury and uplifting melody. A great release.



Unflesh 1

Unflesh – Savior Full Track Listing:

1. Savior
2. Bestowal of Decay
3. Final Writhe
4. Erosive Devotees
5. The Eradication Commenced
6. Caliginous
7. Desecration of Light
8. Disintegration God

You can order the album via Unflesh’s website store here and via Bandcamp. Find out more/keep up to date with news by checking out their website, liking their Facebook Page, following them on Instagram and subscribing to their YouTube Channel.


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Unflesh - Savior (Self Released)
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