EP Review: Hollowed Idols – Morbid Ascendancy (Rotted Life Records)

From Mississippi comes the foulest of death metal, drenched in cavernous atmospherics and polluted, primordial ooze. Hollowed Idols create a sound that is palpably bleak and suffocating in its darkness, for fans of Cruciamentum, Father Befouled, and early Incantation.

Being released on double sided cassette limited to 120, the A side features the Morbid Ascendancy while the B side features demo versions of Morbid Ascendancy, Sisyphean
Torment and Pyres of Infinity.

It will be available on May 21st 2018 via Rotted Life Records.

Hollowed Idols 2

Squealing feedback and rolling drums switches to a extreme and disgusted form of death metal. Hollowed Idols deliver a raw and barbarian sound within an instant on the title track. A legitimately horrific opener that leaves welts and bruises all over the body, mind and soul.

The slow and methodical stabbing that Sisyphean Torment puts out is a step up as the rhythm is disturbing in how hypnotic it is. A clever choice of a track to put in between the opener and the following, Pyres of Infinity seeing as they’re both a frantic and gluttonous pile of harsh metal.

The last of the non-demo tracks, Liturgical Inversion doesn’t offer any suprises but why would you expect any? Hallowed Idols crush with a raw and bulbous death metal sound. The four track are every bit as meaty as you could hope for.

Throwing in three demo versions of the first three tracks is a nice bonus even if they’re not likely to get more then a single airing as the actual versions are superior.

Hollowed Idols 1

Hollowed Idols – Morbid Ascendancy Full Track Listing:

1. Morbid Ascendancy
2. Sisyphean Torment
3. Pyres of Infinity
4. Liturgical Inversion
5. Sisyphean Torment (Demo Version)
6. Morbid Ascendancy (Demo Version)
7. Pyres of Infinity (Demo Version)



You can order the EP now via Rotted Life Records here. Find out more about Hollowed Idols on Facebook and Instagram.


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Hollowed Idols - Morbid Ascendancy (Rotted Life Records)
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