Album Review: Turbonegro – RockNRoll Machine (Scandinavian Leather Recordings)

RockNRoll Machine is the new album from rock and roll/punk rock Turbonegro. Their first since 2012’s Sexual Harassment. The album is out now via Scandinavian Leather Recordings.

Turbonegro 2

A futuristic intro with some spoken word introduces the RockNRoll Machine, an album filled with hard-rock riffs & bouncy party punk.

Both are in abundance as Part II: Well Hello makes itself known at the event with a wickedly catchy chorus before sliding into the title track with ease. A slower, groove-heavy rhythm makes this a great listen, it’s every bit as rock and roll as you could hope it to be. The only negative is the occasional computerised voice saying the title is a bit grating.

RockNRoll Machine is about delivering feel-good rock, the kind that is easy to enjoy. Tracks like Hurry Up & Die, Fist City & On the Rag are fun & uncomplicated but not likely to live long in the memory. If they came on at a party or in a club you’d get the urge to have a little dance.

The high points of the album comes from the Van Halen-esqe 80’s vibe of Skinhead Rock & Roll, the sultry vibe & singalong chorus of Hot for Nietzche and the utterly brillant John Carpenter Power Ballad.

The latter of the three deserves special mention as it absolutely nails the sound & vibe of an 80’s power ballad. You can hear this being used in an action film montage!

After that it’s a pity that the album ends on a flat note. Special Education is catchy as you’d expect but is lacking excitement & energy. A disappointing finale but one that won’t leave too much of a blemish on a good rock & roll record!

Turbonegro 1

Turbonegro – RockNRoll Machine Full Track Listing:

1. Chrome Ozone Creation (The Rock and Roll Machine Suite, Part I)
2. Part II: Well Hello
3. Part III: RockNRoll Machine
4. Hurry Up & Die
5. Fist City
6. Skinhead Rock & Roll
7. Hot For Nietzsche
8. On the Rag
9. Let the Punishment Fit the Behind
10. John Carpenter Power Ballad
11. Special Education

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Check out the album yourself via Apple Music below.

Turbonegro - RockNRoll Machine (Scandinavian Leather Recordings)
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