Album Review: Tulus – Old Old Death (Soulseller Records)

Norwegian Black Metal trio Tulus will release its sixth full-length studio album Old Old Death March 6th 2020 on CD, limited edition vinyl, and digital formats via Soulseller Records.

The trio, consisting of members of Sarke and Khold, has created a masterpiece in their own inimitable style. 10 dark, cold, groovy Black Metal tracks that will hit your nerves like the black plague.

With only 2 of the 10 tracks of Old Old Death passing the 3:30 mark, it’s pretty clear before you even hit play that this is going to be a sharp stab to the temple. An album dripping in old school black metal sound played at an exemplary pace as though Tulus can see the approaching end times.

What will really surprise though is just how god-damn groovy this album is. For all its wickedness, and there’s plenty of that, there are some crazily bouncy numbers here. Tracks like I havet hos Rån, Folkefall and Grunn grav have some massive infectious guitar riffs to them.

It’s easily one of the most addictive listens heard this year so far, the sleazy licks and bassy flair playing off the twisted guttural vocals perfectly. Sudden lurches into uncomfortable old-school speed is just the icing on this filthy cake.

Tulus – Old Old Death Full Track Listing:

1. Hel
2. Jord
3. I havet hos Rån
4. Flukt
5. Folkefall
6. I hinmannens hånd
7. Grunn grav
8. Ild til mørkning
9. Villkjeft
10. In memoriam




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Tulus - Old Old Death (Soulseller Records)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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