Album Review: Gefrierbrand – Es war einmal… (Self Released)

Based on the gate to the Black Forest in southern Germany, the woods and swamps are filled with myths, fairytales, legends and tales. It is time to re-tell those tales – their way. Dark, evil and twisted. Filled with brutal riffs, melodic hooks and with a gloomy vibe.

On February 29th 2020, Gefrierbrand will release their third full-length album “Es war einmal…” (“once upon a time…”).

Setting the folklore vibes up, the intro is warming and vibrant albeit brief with its strumming guitar. It is just an intro though serving as the gateway to the title track.

Far less warming, the blackened metal pours forth from Gefrierbrand. A hot tempo is balanced by a down-right catchy beat. Everyone in the band in perfect synchronicity with each other, crafting a showcase of excitable brutality.

A fantastic start and as keen as they showed they were, these German metallers just continue to impress with Boten des Todes, Der Graf von Gleichen and Wie Kinder Schlachtens miteinander gespielt haben. It’s not just because Gefrierbrand are heavy as balls, that’s a given but rather how they take the savage beast inside them and control it perfectly. There is some serious power in this band; from a bevy of riffs to the horn-throwing solos to the nasty mouthful that are the vocals and the constant percussion barrage. It’s constantly thrilling to listen too.

At the halfway point, Totenhemdchen looks to lull listeners into a false sense of relaxation. It’s certainly the most ‘chilled’ this band sounds but there is plenty of meat to the bones and it gives off a sense of barely contained aggression throughout. Exemplified when it does momentarily remove the mask with aggressive flurries.

The quality is kept high, the riffs really getting old school with Tief im Forst and Das letzte Haus (am Ende des Brotkrumenweges) proving once again that Gefrierbrand can be as damn catchy as they can be aggressive.

A special album from a very special band comes to a close with the triple of Grab aus Dornen, Das Schrättele and Rot. The former turns a briefly soft intro into something outstandingly intense. The middle one is bursting with black-infused life, as rhythmically pleasing as it is rough. While the latter introduces cleanly sung vocals and impressive melodies for a humongous finale.

What an incredible album from an incredible band.

Gefrierbrand – Es war einmal… Full Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Es war einmal
3. Boten des Todes
4. Der Graf von Gleichen
5. Wie Kinder Schlachtens miteinander gespielt haben
6. Totenhemdchen
7. Tief im Forst
8. Das letzte Haus (am Ende des Brotkrumenweges)
9. Grab aus Dornen
10. Das Schrättele
11. Rot


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Gefrierbrand - Es war einmal... (Self Released)
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