Album Review: Tuatha de Danann – The Tribes of Witching Souls (Trollzorn)

Trolllzorn proudly presents the new album of Brazilian Folk Metal/Rock pioneers Tuatha De Danann. The Tribes of Witching Souls will be released on November 13th 2020.

According to lead singer Bruno Maia:

The Tribes of Witching Souls goes back to the mythical side of the band by addressing the creatures or people of the goddess Danu and sings about some characters that were featured in the band’s old songs. The lyrics make references and allusions to the giant Brazuzan, the dwarf Finganforn and other “magical journeys” to the fairy world.

The lyrics reminds us of some characters and motes worked by the band in the past and we invite the listener to give this magical world a chance, if you turn off a little and ‘burn’ your inner demons.

The folk is front and centre for the opener, the title track. Where the melodies are upbeat and catchy and led by a strong and commanding set of clean vocals. It really leans into the fairytale aspect by letting the flute fly and even though the guitars and drums give it a chunkier hit, it doesn’t wander too far from the folkish good times.

With a positive mind set well and truly in place off the back of that effort, the energetic violin, deep guitar beat and memorable chorus of Turn keeps things pleasingly focused on the folk side of things. However, it’s the blood pumping Warrior Queen that really steps things up an extra level with a powerful call to arms. Varying voices demanding we rise as one to go into battle.

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A well timed track as Tuatha De Danann begin to turn the metal screws with a much more savage effort in Your Wall Shall Fall. The vocals in particular are an extra notch of nastiness. Before it’s back to the foot-tapping and positive folkish vibes with Conjura and Outcry. The magical world that had momentarily been darkened, bursting into full view again.

Wrapping up with a nice and mellow effort, Tan Pinga ra Tan conjures up chilly winter mornings deep in a thick forest where man hasn’t stepped foot in for fear of forever getting lost. The sharpness of the wind comes from the flute but the comforting vocals make it a far less terrifying prospect. In fact, it sends feelings of comfort and homeliness throughout the mind.

Tuatha De Danann – The Tribes of Witching Souls Full Track Listing:

1. The Tribes of Witching Souls
2. Turn
3. Warrior Queen
4. Your Wall Shall Fall
5. Conjura
6. Outcry
7. Tan Pinga ra Tan


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Tuatha de Danann - The Tribes of Witching Souls (Trollzorn)
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