Album Review: Ashen Reach – Homecoming (Self Released)

Hailing from Liverpool in the UK, the hard rocker’s Ashen Reach have been growing in stature over the past few years leading to this, their debut album. Called Homecoming, it will be released on November 16th 2020.

Wanting to start their full length debut with a bang, Ashen Reach come out swinging with Fighting For My Life. A groovy, head-banger that has a certain level of ‘radio’ friendliness to it while also showcasing sharpness, in particular the riffs.

Whereas we began in an upbeat way, Epiphany’s deeper bassy sound has a weightiness to it and delivers a heart-wrenching melodic segment in the latter part. The chorus is on fire too making this one of the highlights of the album.

Flowing with the more downcast style, Tear It Down follows suit but delivers some strong jagged riffs and powerful vocals. Before Ashen Reach turn it up for a rollicking and rocking jam with Heir to the Throne.

Another energetic number would have been welcome here but instead, Alive Again’s intro suggests differently. That is until the melodramatic intro is out of the way. Whereupon Ashen Reach come to life in spectacular style and it transforms into a monumental heavyweight of a track.

There’s an evil glint in the eye with Prey that matches up nicely to the lyrical content. Which is followed by the short atmospheric number of Ether and the grandeur of Here I Go. The second half of Homecoming proving that what Ashen Reach accomplished in the first half wasn’t a fluke.

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To further prove that point, Hole in the Sky is a raucous effort. The riffs thrown about but the band also carefully transitioning into mellower segments while keeping focus on a heavyweight sound.

A strong debut wraps up with the frenetic Broken Column and the epic yarn that is the title track. The former bringing frenzied hard rock deliciousness to the table, while the latter is a track with heart and soul. One that takes the listener on a detailed journey while also proving to be a substantial outro for Ashen Reach’s triumphant record.

Ashen Reach – Homecoming Full Track Listing:

1. Fighting For My Life
2. Epiphany
3. Tear It Down
4. Heir to the Throne
5. Alive Again
6. Prey
7. Ether
8. Here I Go
9. Hole in the Sky
10. Broken Column
11. Homecoming


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Ashen Reach - Homecoming (Self Released)
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