Album Review: Tor – Too Happy (Truthseeker Music)

Truthseeker presents Tor’s latest full length, ‘Too Happy’ which will be released on vinyl and all digital platforms on May 25th 2018.

Tor 2

Soft doom-drenched melody with hefty focus on a lyrically dense critique on counter-culture, each track is part of a story being told. You’ll only know the next one has started playing by the small changes in tone.

The first real ‘oomph’ moment comes on I’m a Goth where the melancholic effort becomes a little harsher and heavier. It’s a brief change, though as the 7 tracker prefers to stay within a darker and more morose mood.

It’s unsettling but like all good nightmares you’re left analysing and thinking about it long afterwards. Tor have crafted a very unique listen, one that will stay with long after the misery has ended. The term ‘minimal miserabilism’ is a simply perfect way to describe Too Happy.



Tor 1

Tor – Too Happy Full Track Listing:

1. Beltsander
2. Boring
3. I’m a Goth
4. Long Distance Jelly
5. Sitcom Wives
6. Too Happy to Live
7. Whale

You can order the album via Truthseeker Music here and via Tor’s Bandcamp here. Find out more and keep up to date with news via Facebook and Twitter.

Tor - Too Happy (Truthseeker Music)
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