EP Review: Question by Question (Caligari Records)

Death metal Mexican quartet Question have released their latest and self-titled EP on March 15th 2018 via Caligari Records.

With the screeching of feedback, Question throw their absolute all into delivering a momentous and deeply affecting EP. Holders of Nothing is the beast that snarls and roars desperate to feast on your flesh. Bone Breaking Cold is what you’ll feel after being chewed on and spat out before Nefarious Conclusion leaves you huddled but feeling just a sliver of hope that you might get out of this one alive.

What makes this four-track EP so appealing? Is it the fuzzy darkness that is wrapped around the riffs? Is it the skin-flaying brutality of the vocals? The thrum of the bass and drums? It’s all of this and more.

Wrapping up with Universal Path of Disgrace, there is no denying the impact that Question has made here. An EP that showcases the violent and aggressive tone that is associated with death metal but providing a much more rhythmic and listenable release.

Question 1

Question – Question Full Track Listing:

1. Holders of Nothing
2. Bone Breaking Cold
3. Nefarious Conclusion
4. Universal Path of Disgrace



You can order the EP via Caligari Records here.

Question by Question (Caligari Records)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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