Album Review: The Subways – Uncertain Joys (Alcopop! Records)

Returning with a new line-up following the departure of drummer and founding member Josh Morgan, The Subways’ forthcoming fifth album ‘Uncertain Joys’ is their first in 8 years. It will be released on January 13th, 2022 via Alcopop! Records.

A beloved band. The Subway’s animated and honest style of indie/pop rock has built them a substantial fanbase over the years and few won’t be rejoicing to see them back after such a long period of time. Especially with such a strong example of their relatability and such a strong example of their memorability, in tow.

Uncertain Joys is certainly an album of variety and that is proven with the first few tracks. Where the moody rock groove of You Kill My Cool meets the foot-tapping lighter catchiness of Love Waiting on You, and the danceable energy of the title track. The first quarter of this album proving that The Subways haven’t lost a step, they’ve just grown as a band.

It’s this growth that makes the weirdness of Incantation, the guitar grooviness of Black Wax, and the melodrama of Lavander Amelie all the more likeable.

Hilariously, the latter half of the album sees The Subways lean into a punkier sound, upping the intensity with Fight, and Influencer Killed the Rock Star. An unexpected pair of tracks, but they are such a treat, no-one will be complaining. Especially when you listen to the lyrical content of both.

The snarky vocal shift that was present in the last few tracks is also prevalent in to the groovy weirdness of Swanky Al. Before The Devil and Me summons a memorable chorus, Joli Coeur combines wonderful melody with kick-ass rhythm, and Futures wraps things up in wacky style. A finale that passes the 7-minute mark and sees The Subways pushing themselves to their limits.

It’s a welcome return.

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The Subways - Uncertain Joys (Alcopop! Records)
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