Horror Movie Review: Deadstream (2022)

From the writing and directing duo, Joseph Winter and Vanessa Winter comes Deadstream. A found-footage comedy-horror movie with a synopsis that is far less fun or interesting than the actual movie is.

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Shawn (Joseph Winter) is a famous YouTuber known for his videos that feature him ‘overcoming his fears’ through wild and wacky stunts. One such video sees him go too far though, resulting in a homeless man being hospitalised. This results in Shawn’s fanbase turning on him and he loses his lucrative sponsors.

That should have been it for the man. Yet, once you’ve had such a high level of popularity. It’s hard to give that up. So, looking to make a comeback and keep hold of his remaining fanbase, Shawn decides to face his final fear – spending the night in a haunted house.

Shawn’s plan is to livestream himself staying inside Death Manor, a house with a very dark past. Once inside, he has to stay and take instructions from the stream viewers. If he leaves, or refuses to do anything he is asked, he will lose it all.

It’s all good for Shawn though, right? After all, ghosts don’t exist, right?

Exceptionally entertaining, funny, and frightening. Deadstream is an extremely well-done movie. While the story is passé, at best, the pairing of Joseph and Vanessa Winter make up for it in almost every other aspect.

For starters, this isn’t just a ghost story. The first half focuses on that aspect, albeit from a more disbelieving angle. However, the second half of the movie sees the tone shift significantly into something more akin to the Evil Dead movie series. Specifically, Evil Dead II. Seeing as Deadstream is focused on irreverent comedy, and has moments of slapstick. It’s this stuff, and the fantastic character of Shawn, that makes this movie so watchable.

Speaking of Shawn, Joseph Winter plays him wonderfully. Likeable, but with that irritating desperation to be loved by the internet. He’s a fool who got a taste of fame and wants to hang on to it. Not a bad person by any means, but has done bad things. He’s not the only actor though, as his real-life wife, Vanessa Winter also plays a major role and really sinks her teeth into it.

As far as the found-footage aspect of the film goes, Deadstream manages to avoid a lot of the obvious pitfalls of the genre. None more than the entire reason why Shawn continues to film throughout the latter portions of the movie.

It utilises modern technology well and makes it all feel so very real. Thanks to several cameras attached to Shawn and throughout the house in general, we’re always part of the action, and Deadstream has a lot of action. The latter portion of the movie, ramped up to heady degree and ending in super-satisfying fashion.

Good modern found-footage horror movies are hard to come by. Good modern comedy-horror movies are hard to come by. A movie that combines both and can be called a great movie? That’s a rare bloody treat. Deadstream is that movie.


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Deadstream (2022)
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