Album Review: The Machinist – Confidimus in Morte (Prosthetic Records)

Born of the hate and grit of NYC, the tough-talking, ferocious foursome that is The Machinist is breaking all the rules with middle fingers flying. Their first full length album is Confidimus in Morte released via Prosthetic Records on April 12th 2019. The album title turns America’s monetary slogan on its head, placing our trust not in God, but in the one true certainty of life: Death.

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This is a nasty record. A stubborn effort from a band refusing to follow any one particular path. A voluminous album that passes through the bowels of hardcore, kicks death metal in the groin on the way past and finishes up by spitting in the eye of metalcore. The end result is an anomaly of all of them, the best of them. As if The Machinist has broken and remoulded them in their own image.

You only need to hear the extreme noise that comes from The Sound of Shame to understand just what The Machinist are capable of. Vocalist Amanda Gjelaj can absolutely slay but she’s not the only one as the guitars hum with aggression and the drums kick up an unforgettable storm of noise that few will forget. It makes tracks like Empire State of Emergency, Strength Through Suffering and Predatory fly by in a blur of ferocity.

However it’s not all anger and hate as No Peace shows of some evocative effects and an outstanding guitar solo. This is a hell of track, one that shows the extent of The Machinist’s imaginative moments. It doesn’t happen too much but those guitar moments, the soloing and shredding are to die for. Paradise Lost is another track that really doesn’t disappoint in that department either.

However brutal you think it’s been, you’ve not heard anything until Everything is Nothing. This is The Machinist at their angriest and most aggressive, the vocal roars alone will send shivers down spines.

Turn Away almost seems tame by comparison which it really bloody isn’t!

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The Machinist – Confidimus in Morte Full Track Listing:

1. The Sound of Shame
2. Empire State of Emergency
3. No Peace
4. Strength Through Suffering
5. Predatory
6. As You Lie
7. Paradise Lost
8. Everything Is Nothing
9. Turn Away

The album can be ordered via all major streaming services as well as via Big Cartel. Find out more by checking out The Machinist’s Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram.


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The Machinist - Confidimus in Morte (Prosthetic Records)
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