Album Review: Scream Blue Murder – Rock Bottom (Stay Sick Recordings)

It’s been a great start to 2019 for Coventry metallers Scream Blue Murder. They’ve just completed a successful tour with their US counterparts Everyone Dies In Utah and UK metal brothers in High Rise, and their single Light It Up has attracted considerable attention from fans and media alike.

Following on from their early successes this year, Scream Blue Murder are ecstatic to announce the release of their second album Rock Bottom. The album will be released on the 12th of April 2019 through Stay Sick Recordings, where Scream Blue Murder are currently one of only two UK bands signed to the label. With huge melodic hooks throughout and with enough riffs to fill a skyscraper, Rock Bottom is set to thrill the band’s ever growing fanbase on both sides of the Atlantic.

Scream Blue Murder 2

On the upcoming release of their new album, Scream Blue Murder frontman Aaron Bloomer can’t wait to be able to get the new material out in the open:

“We are so excited to show everybody what we have been working on for the past year! This album really shows the direction the band is going. We can’t wait to see your faces screaming it back at us on the road later this year.”

Metalcore has a new home and it’s in Coventry, where Scream Blue Murder reside. Bringing massive melodic hooks, blasting breakdowns and riffs to bank your house on, this second album is a real eye-opener for the British scene and metalcore in general. The band’s at the top might need to be looking over their shoulder a little more.

Scream Blue Murder are coming for their spot.

An explosive start with Death Sentence and Inside, the former shows off Scream Blue Murder’s ability to blend melody and heaviness while the latter is all about the gargantuan chorus. Thrilling stuff.

The title track then pushes equally as hard but at a slower tempo, one that is all about its mood-altering melody. With another massive chorus to be enjoyed again. At this stage, Scream Blue Murder are on track to having an album of the year contender and certainly the best metalcore release this year.

Bury Me’s lighter and airy sound with a fusion of a drum-driven chorus and Light it Up’s catchy as hell riffs continue the good work. However, it’s the high-energy of The Void that excites the most out of the album middle. A really chunky beat, harsh vocals mixing well with the melodic ones, a wonderfully emotional sounding drop and even a bit of synth too! This is the track you play people to show off Scream Blue Murder.

How do you follow that? By delivering another rager in the form of The Void, one destined to open up a circle pit or two.

Keeping things heavy, the latter part of the album then brings massive intensity and a killer chorus in the form of Friends like Judas and Over the Line. Before the final track, Victims of Violence cones racing through with its hair on fire screaming bloody blue murder.

Fans of metalcore…you need to hear this record.

Scream Blue Murder 3


Scream Blue Murder – Rock Bottom Full Track Listing:

1. Death Sentence
2. Inside
3. Rock Bottom
4. Bury Me
5. Light it Up
6. The Void
7. The Anchor
8. Friends like Judas
9. Over the Line
10. Victims of Violence

UK and EU fans can order the new album via Big Cartel here while US fans can find it via Stay Sick Recordings here. Find out all you need to know about Scream Blue Murder’s website, Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube Channel.


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Scream Blue Murder - Rock Bottom (Stay Sick Recordings)
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