Album Review: The Lion’s Daughter – Skin Show (Season of Mist)

Synth-driven horror metal trio The Lion’s Daughter have returned with their haunting new opus, ‘Skin Show,’ which is out on April 9th 2021!

Like the soundtrack to an obscure 80’s horror movie, the heavy use of synth throughout this record is a thing to marvel at. Even if synth isn’t your thing, the way in which The Lion’s Daughter make it work so seamlessly with their heavier metal sound overall, is very impressive. With a thumping percussion section, groovy riff work and a ferocious death-metal style set of vocals, this is an album that is far more brutal than the clean synth layers would have you believe.

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It really does enhance the horror as opener Become the Night is a really sinister start, the sort of piece of music that could be playing during the end sequence of something like Halloween III: Season of the Witch.

It’s not the only track that has that deep horror sound either. Neon Dream is a Carpenter-esqe lucid and eerie nightmare. Sex Tape has a sleazy feel that conjures up images of dystopia. Snakeface has the strongest of other-worldly terror. The title track is akin to falling into a bottomless pit where darkness clouds everything and time seems to slow.

Elsewhere there are tracks that focus much more on the metal side of things. Curtains’ urgency, a frenetic guitar and drum pace, is very exciting and the synth keeps time with the energy. Dead in Dreams’ fuzzy edges and bassy hums keep the tempo stifling but later has some sexy sounding guitar hooks to make the track feel more solid. Werewolf Hospital has a thrashy vibe while moving at a frenzied pace and All Hell is Mine builds an expectation of utter carnage through tension-heavy off-kilter guitar rhythm and odd drum patterns.

No track is exclusively one or other. The Lion’s Daughter mesh their synth-gold with their tough and rough sound throughout with what appears to be veritable ease. They are absolute pros at making it all work together so easily. Summed up perfectly by the finale of The Chemist. A track that oozes 80’s horror vibes, dark and evil synth, gory violence around the corner. While also having a punchy heaviness that really shouldn’t sound so impactful but easily does.

A true horror show in the best way possible. One of 2021’s most unique sounding records.

The Lion’s Daughter – Skin Show Full Track Listing:

1. Become the Night
2. Curtains
3. Neon Teeth
4. Dead in Dreams
5. Werewolf Hospital
6. Sex Tape
7. Snakeface
8. All Hell is Mine
9. Skin Show
10. The Chemist


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The Lion's Daughter - Skin Show (Season of Mist)
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