Album Review: Wheel – Preserved In Time (Cruz Del Sur Music)

Wheel was formed in 2006 in Dortmund, Germany by guitarist Benjamin Homberger, bassist Marcus Grabowski and vocalist Arkadius Kurek under the name Ethereal Sleep. When drummer Carsten “Cazy” Jercke joined the fold in 2009, a name — and sound — change was in order. Jercke suggested “Wheel” not only because it was easier to pronounce in the band’s native German, but it also resembled the slowly grinding mill wheel as heard in the intro of “Mills of God” on the band’s self-titled 2010 debut.

Wheel released their second studio album, Icarus, in 2013, but then underwent a period of inactivity. The band lost their rehearsal space and real-life events like starting a family and new day jobs took precedence. However, this gave the members of Wheel, more time to fine craft the songs that would eventually comprise Preserved in Time, their first new studio album in eight years and Cruz Del Sur Music debut. It will be released on the 9th April 2021.

It might have been a long time to wait but Wheel have made it worth it. Persevered in Time is an accomplished return. An old-school doom return, one weighted down with titanic sized riffs, hooks and emotionally enchanting vocals.

It’s immediately clear that this is a revitalisation as the exceedingly heavy doom sound of At Night They Came Upon Us washes over the mind. Then the drawl of When the Shadow Takes You Over sends the thoughts spiralling into dark depths. Mesmerising stuff.

Wheel’s intense ability to hypnotise only gets stronger with the forceful and pained vocal performance of After All. Before the weight of the riffs comes crashing down again with the might of, She Left in Silence. Eye-watering but so damn appealing and it’s not getting any less as Aeon of Darkness arrives with such vigour.

Doom vigour but vigour none the less. The guitar riffs are solid gold here but what grasps are the stunning vocals more than anything. The power is one thing but the melancholic edge is another. Before Hero of the Weak brings some nice chugginess to the forefront for a bit of a head-banger.

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Which brings us to the end and the gargantuan finale of Daedalus. A mammoth, not just in size but scope as well. Neither should be that surprising at this stage but even still, the level of exaggerated doominess, the glacial tempo, the depth and emotion… it is a fabulous finish. Confirming this album as the bar setter for doom in 2021. Make sure you check this one out.

Wheel – Preserved in Time Full Track Listing:

1. At Night They Came Upon Us
2. When the Shadow Takes You Over
3. After All
4. She Left in Silence
5. Aeon of Darkness
6. Hero of The Weak
7. Daedalus


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Wheel - Preserved In Time (Cruz Del Sur Music)
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