Album Review: The Dirty Denims – Ready, Steady, Go! (Self Released)

The Dirty Denims hail from Eindhoven and play what they call ‘Happy Hard Rock’.

With their latest release ‘Ready, Steady, Go!’ that will be out on July 3rd 2020, The Dirty Denims bring a versatile album full of Hard Rock, Power Pop and Punk Rock. They are ready for the Gremlins, alcohol and love songs, but also are totally done with commercial radio, public transportation and H&M band shirts.

In November last year they released the first part of this album and now are ready to release the full thing. Consisting of 11 tracks, 6 of which appeared on the previous release, the good times are ready and steady to go.

Those familiar with last year’s release will be back at home with the first part of the album. The first five tracks what we’ve heard already but still as rocking and rolling as they were the first time The Dirty Denims showcased them. You can read more detail about this half in our previous review here but rest assured we have massive sing-alongs, to drinking songs to punkier and fast movers.

The first taste of new stuff comes with the sexy groove of Roll the Dice (the cowbell will bring a smile to the face) and catchy foot-tapper of Messin’ Around. The latter and following track (Creatures of the Night) music to get your dancing shoes on for.

Two more fresh offerings in the form of Band, Not a Brand and Beautiful (My Darling) continue to deliver excitable rock and roll groove. There is no let-up of the old-school rock and roll vibes ending with the acoustic version of Last Call for Alcohol. Smartly called the ‘Hangover Version’ as it’s the version you’d know doubt put on when nursing the head after a heavy night of booze.


The Dirty Denims – Ready, Steady, Go! Full Track Listing:

1. Ready, Steady, Go!
2. Last Call For Alcohol
3. Too Much Information
4. Thunder From Down Under
5. Turn Off The Radio
6. Roll the Dice
7. Messin’ Around
8. Creatures of the Night
9. Band, Not A Brand
10. Beautiful (My Darling)
11. Last Call for Alcohol (Hangover Version)


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The Dirty Denims – Ready, Steady, Go! (Self Released)
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