Album Review: Svartsyn – Requiem (Carnal Records)

Carnal Records will release Requiem, the new album from Swedish Black Metal force Svartsyn on October 30th 2020.

Sole composer and master of darkness Ornias describes the new album as follows:

The album is a written as a Requiem. It is a spiritual journey through the destruction of the western civilization and the rise of Antichrist and his eternal kingdom. It is dark and it is nightmarish.

Sometimes all you need in life is some evil. A bit of twisted black metal horror drawn from the wells of hell and sprinkled with a ton of religious connotations. Enter the ode to the end times in the form of Svartsyn’s Requiem. A modern black metal offering that tells a delightful story filled with all manner of nightmares. Stuff straight from the mind of Ornias who distils his madness into a 6-track requiem to the end of civilisation.

It might only be 6 tracks long but don’t be fooled. This is a full length album, coming in at around 45 minutes. Svartsyn has plenty of fire and brimstone to pour into what’s left of the world. From the indestructible march of The Pale Horse, with its humongous black metal beat through to the twisted savagery of Mystery Babylon and into the horror that surrounds Spiritual Subjection, the momentum is kept up.

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What nightmarish sights Svartsyn wish to show you are filled with vivid imagery that cause many a late night wake up covered in sweat. This is modern black metal that vehemently makes its point. Uncomfortable and difficult to sustain but thoroughly enjoyable if you want to hear what the soundtrack to the end times might be.

Svartsyn – Requiem Full Track Listing:

1. The Pale Horse
2. Inner Demonic Rise
3. Mystery Babylon
4. The Desolate
5. Spiritual Subjection
6. Little Horn


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Svartsyn - Requiem (Carnal Records)
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