Album Review: Sunken – Departure (Triton’s Orbit)

Departure is the debut album from Danish atmospheric black metal band, Sunken. Departure will be released on May 26th 2017 via Triton’s Orbit.

Sunken 1

Opening with a subtle soft melody & the haunting sounds of water washing over rocks, it builds towards the wall of intense noise that is Void. Brutal black metal that is as raw as salt water in a fresh wound. However the undercurrent of melody that exists in the background really makes it an incredible listen.

Each song is a journey deep into the cold darkness with occasional rays of light peeking through. Being only 5 songs long but coming in at 53 minutes it’s no surprise that each song looks to challenge the listener. That’s exactly what you get with both Sunken & the following self titled song, Departure. The 2 songs combined come in at over 25 minutes & offer varying ideas that forces you to really pay attention.

It’s a really great blend of black metal with atmospheric melody. It may not be original sounding but its choice to focus on the black metal with the atmospheric elements sitting in the background was inspired!

A fantastic tale closes with the longest song of the lot, In the Cold Embrace. A chilly opening leading into fantastic black metal rhythm. You might think that it wouldn’t sustain itself for that length of time but it does it with ease. Each change in direction is so subtle that you may not really notice it at first.

It’s the icing on the cake if the cake was filled with darkness, fury but the occasional warming hug!

Sunken 2

Sunken – Departure Full Track Listing:

1. A Solemn Initiation
2. Void
3. Sunken
4. Departure
5. In the Cold Embrace

Out on May 26th you can pick up some of Sunken’s earlier work on Bandcamp. Check the band out on Facebook & check out Triton’s Orbit here & on Facebook too.

Sunken - Departure (Triton's Orbit)
  • The Final Score - 9/10

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