Album Review: Death On Fire – Witch Hunter (Self Released)

A solo project of the multi-instrumentalist, Tim Kenefic, melodic death metal band Death on Fire will release their debut album entitled ‘Witch Hunter’ on February 2nd 2018.

Witch Hunter 1

As much about providing crushing heaviness as it is about delivering melody with bite, Your Lies is an intense start. Short but to the point, it’s all about thrashing rhythms & roaring vocals.

The title track is double the length but also comes with a hefty dollop of ferociousness. It’s quite an accomplishment for this level of aggression to be kept up & not get boring.

This is an album that continues to bring uncompromising heaviness even when the wacky jazz-like guitars are taking centre stage. Tim Kenefic has fire in his belly & he’s letting off some serious steam on the likes of Make the Old Ways New Again, Betrayal with its doomy groove mixed with melodic drops & the short, face-melting Meth Dentistry.

Ending on a bit of guitar fuzz that quickly erupts into energetic fury, American Scum is a stellar finish bringing so much groovy heaviness. It makes you wonder why so many other death metal bands struggle to have this kind of impact.

Damn good heavy metal.

Witch Hunter 2

Death on Fire – Witch Hunter Full Track Listing:

1. Your Lies
2. Witch Hunter
3. Requiem
4. Make the Old Ways New Again
5. Betrayal
6. Meth Dentistry
7. Never See You Again
8. American Scum

You can order the album over on Bandcamp.


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Death On Fire - Witch Hunter (Self Released)
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