EP Review: Happily Ever Blind – You Are Dead (Realm Records)

Heavy rockers Happily Ever Blind will release their new 5 track EP ‘You Are Dead’ on January 15th 2018 via Realm Records. It is the 4th recording from the Helsinki based quartet and a swift follow up to their first full length album Pseudohappiness.

Happily Ever Blind 2

5 tracks long, Happily Ever Blind bring hard rock that transcends many different sub-genres. There’s a bit of sludge, a bit of grunge, a bit of psychedelic, a bit of old-school metal…you name it, it’s likely to be here. Saturnalia does a wonderful bass-heavy job of delivering the band’s unique style as it upends any expectations that you might have had for it. A trippy, melodic & catchy effort that deserves an instant replay just to make sure you didn’t imagine it.

Strawman provides a curling riff & vocals that sneer at your attempts to understand it while the title track has a bit of Primus oddity about it. Less of a rip-off & more of a homage, it’s bloody excellent.

In fact the whole EP is exceedingly good. Grinding Bones & Yggdrasil bringing a mix of rocking melody with mind-bending unique sounds. So impressive.

Happily Ever Blind 1

Happily Ever Blind – You Are Dead Full Track Listing:

1. Saturnalia
2. Strawman
3. You Are Dead
4. Grinding Bones
5. Yggdrasil

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You can pick up the EP over on Bandcamp, via Amazon above, via Spotify and via Apple Music below. Find out more about Happily Ever Blind on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also listen to their music on SoundCloud and on YouTube.

Happily Ever Blind - You Are Dead (Realm Records)
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